12 – 15. September 2023 godine Hotel JUNIOR, Brzeće, Kopaonik

Konferencija ima za cilj da pruži praktičnu podršku povezivanju akademske zajednice i privrednog sektora kroz upoznavanje sa značajnim naučnim dostignućima, najnovijim trendovima i razmenu praktičnih iskustava i najboljih praksi iz oblasti održivog upravljanja bezbednošću i zdravljem na radu, zaštite životne sredine, zaštite od požara i vanrednih situacija.

Conference topics

First International EUROSA conference 2023

1. Occupational safety and health engineering

2. Environmental engineering

3. Fire protection engineerin

4. Disaster management and emergency protection engineerin

Registration and paper submission

Official language of the Conference is English Each participant can send a maximum of 2 papers.
All accepted papers will be published in Conference proceedings, in electronic form, with an ISBN number.

Registration and paper submission

Detailed instructions for writing papers

Registration fee

Registration fee for the Conference

For participation live

12.000,00 RSD

For participation online

6.000,00 RSD

Registration for students


Scientific and programme committee

Dr. Maja Petrović (University of Novi Sad, RS) President
Dr. Dejan Ubavin (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Vladimir Mučenski (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Ivana Mihajlović (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Dragan Adamović (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Miodrag Višković (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Zoran Čepić (University of Novi Sad, RS
Dr. Ivan Krstić (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Dejan Krstić (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Tatjana Golubović (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Ivan Mijailović (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Bojana Zlatković (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Aleksandra Ilić Petković (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Trajce Velkovski (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, NM
Dr. João Paulo Teixeira (University of Porto, PT)
Dr. Ivan Španik (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, SK)
Dr. Friedo Zölzer (University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, CZ)
Dr. Juraj Ševčík (Palacký University Olomouc, CZ)
Dr. Stevo Lavrnić (University of Bologna, IT)
Dr. Jakub Drenowski (Gdańsk University of Technology, PL)
Dr. Liudmyla Odud (National University of Water Management and Environmental Engineering, UA)
Dr. Emina Hadžić (University of Sarajevo, BA)
Dr. Ivona Nuić (University of Split, HR)
Dr. Mira Čelić (Catalan Institute for Water Research, ES)
Dr. Agnieszka Cuprys (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NO)
Dr. Arijana Filipić (National Institute of Biology, SI)
Dr. Patrick Ssebugere (Makerere university, UG)
Dr. Biljana Vranješ (University of Banja Luka, B&H)
dr Vesna Nikolić (The European Society of Safety Engineers, HR)

Organizing committee

Miodrag Meseldžija (European association for safety at work, RS) President
Dr. Bojana Zoraja (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Nevena Živančev (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Zorica Mirosavljević (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Tijana Adamov (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Jovana Krtinić (University of Novi Sad, RS)
Dr. Jelena Malenović Nikolić (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Lidija Milošević (University of Niš, RS)
Dr. Ana Vukadinović (University of Niš, RS)
Bojan Bijelić (University of Niš, RS)
Milena Medenica (University of Niš, RS)
Ana Stojković (University of Niš, RS)
dr Dejan Vasović, (The European Society of Safety Engineers, HR)

Deadline for paper submission:

04. September 2023. .

Notification of acceptance:

09. September 2023. .


You can get to Kopaonik from two direction, east via Brus and west via Jošanička Banja or Rudnice. Brzeće and hotel Junior are on the east side of mountain Kopaonik. Distance from Belgrade is 270 km, 100 km from Kraljevo, 118 km from Niš and 370 km from Novi Sad.

Hotel Junior accommodation for guests

Conference participants are provided with special benefits of booking accommodation with full board at the Junior Hotel, Brzeće.

The price per person is RSD 19,450.00 (including VAT). Supplement for a single room is 2500.00 rsd/da

The price of the hotel package includes:

  • Overnight on the basis of 3 full board in rooms 1/2, 1/3;
  • Use of Wi-Fi internet in the hotel;
  • Festive closing dinner in the hotel restaurant;
  • Organized music program;
  • Organized excursion.

Payment of hotel accommodation

Payment is made in advance directly to the Junior Hotel on a current account or at the Junior Hotel reception.

Bank Account Information:
User: Junior doo
Address: 37 225 Brzece, Brus
Identity number: 7429096
PIB: 101667362
Account number: 205-171007-03 Bank: Komercijalna banka

For reservations and necessary information,
send an e-mail to ikuburovic@junior- or call +381 64 886 02 51,
with the note that you are a participant of the Conference


Kopaonik is the largest mountain massif in Serbia, which streches from northwest to southeast with a length of about 75 km, and it reaches a width of about 40 km in its central part. It is located in southwestern Serbia, in Raška district, between Ibar and Sitnica in the west and Lab in the southeast. The highest point of Kopaonik is Pančićev vrh, at a height of 2017 meters above sea level.

The mountain itself is characterized by a very dynamic relief, and because of the preserved units and autochthounous forest systems, it has been declared a National Park. Coniferous forests domnate, with diverse flora and fauna. Among them there are endemic species: čuvarkuća, Pančić’s brook trout and Kopaonik violet, as well as gray falcon, golden eagle, wild cat, owl buljina

The entire massif got its name from the great mineral wealth that has been exploited since the Middle Ages, and its wider area is home to numerous cultural and historical monuments from 12th to 15th century.

The moderate-continental climate, the southern position, the height and the openness of the terrain ensure about 200 sunny days annualy, which is why this mountain is also called Sunny or Silver mountain.

The gentle and accessible mountain Kopaonik offers a wide variety of activities, including adrenaline activities for real adventurers. More information about the attractions on Kopaonik, such as Pančić Mausoleum and Nebeske Stolice, are available at the following LINK. Enjoy a panoramic ride in the Brzeće-Mali Karaman gondola. Kopaonik is also known as one of the largest congress centers in Serbia.

Pančić Mausoleum

Brzeće-Mali Karaman gondola

Conference organized by

University of Novi Sad

Faculty of Technical Sciences

Department of Environmental Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health

The European Society of Safety Engineers

European Association of Occupational Safety EUROSA

Conference sponsors